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Hello 2014!


Hello everyone! I’m not sure if anyone reads this blog anymore, but I wanted to reveal to you my project with God that I’ve been working on for nearly a year. My newly named and designed blog is finally up and running! The design process was finally finished last night and I couldn’t be MORE thrilled with how everything has turned out! PLEASE join me over at With Faith and Happiness as I know that the plans He has for this blog is more than I can ever imagine! Thank you for your love, prayers, support and of course, reading! I’d love to reconnect with you all again! XO

He is in Control!

Hi all!
I just wanted to let you know that I will be MIA from this blog for probably quite some time as I am working on a project that the Lord has laid on my heart for a few months now. I don’t know when I will be able to reveal it to you, but all I know is that I have no clue what I’m doing and I love it! Why? Because He’s leading and I’m following with my faith! The exciting part is not knowing what’s in store for me, but to go on this journey with my Savior and trusting the Lord with all my heart that He is in control!

I’m so excited and can’t wait to reveal it (whenever that will be)!

My Love for Cheesy Jokes

Today, I bring you a little humor to start off the month of May right: with some happiness.

I’m SUCH a sucker for cheesy jokes and informercials! Maybe it’s because cows and cowboys are associated with Texas or the fact that I’m channeling my Texan roots, but whatever it is, it’s things like this joke that are just so darn hilarious and totally puts a pep in my step, haha!


Photo Credit: American Cattlemen

Call me a nerd, but I seriously love to watch any kind of informercials because I want to see how creative people can be and how bad the hired acting can truly get, haha! Tell me you’ve seen the Wax Vac informercial because I saw it a couple of weeks ago and died laughing! If you haven’t, I’d love to do the honors:

Just for kicks, here’s an Aflac commercial that I saw a few weeks ago and cracked up so bad!

What are your plans for the weekend?

I am off to Houston with Rachel and TJ to see The Awakening and support The Forgotten People. Can’t wait to see souls added to the kingdom of God and fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ! For me, it’ll be a weekend full of Bible studies and writing to grow more in the Lord and I’m so pysched! Woot! Woot!

Happy Friday, lovlies!
How your day turns out is how you see it, so smile and have a wonderful day and weekend!

Happy Friday Eve, lovelies!


Taken by Rachel with her iPhone 4S


Taken by Rachel with her iPhone 4S


Taken by Rachel with her iPhone 4S


Taken by Rachel with her iPhone 4S

I decided to take a fun fashion tip from Vanessa over at Stylishlyme and styled a chambray top with a floral print dress for church a couple of weeks ago. If you know me, I always like to add a fun twist to my looks, so this time, I went with a polka dot chambray top. I must say, I was really happy with this look. Did I mention how I love that my church doesn’t “condemn” the way you dress when you come to meet with Jesus? Seriously. Do you think God will be upset if you came in jeans to worship Him? No. To me, as long as you don’t come to church looking like you have been/or are “working the streets” it’s all that matters. Maybe I should start a series called Sabbath Day Style, haha!

Old Navy Polka Dot Chambray Shirt (old; similar chambray shirt)
Body Central Floral Dress (old,;loving this floral print dress)
Studded Sandals (old, via Ross; crushing on these Rebecca Minkoff sandals)
 DownEast Basics Crossbody bag (similar crossbody bag)
J. Crew Pave Link Necklace (old; loving this crystal necklace)
 Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch
 Xhilaration Cateye Sunnies

P.S. Did I mention that I love this little spot for outfit photos? It’s so pretty and reminds me of castles in England!

Have a wonderful, awesome, and fantastical day guys and thanks for reading! Xx

Hey! Hey!
Happy May!
Do you have happy thoughts and things to say?
Are you taking the time to thank the Lord and pray?
What are you doing to rock your day?
Are you living your life in a positive way?
Be happy and one more thing, if you know you are blessed, shout, “YAY!”

Just wanted to write a little poem to lift your spirits my friends!
Have a wonderful and happy day! Xx

Finding Mr. / Mrs. Right

 Admit it. We’ve all thought about it. We’ve all thought, “All my friends are getting engaged, married, and starting families. When will that will ever be me?”


Taken with my iPhone from a shirt Rachel bought me last year.

Am I right or am I right? Well my siblings in Christ, I’m here to tell you how to find Mr./Mrs. Right (in just two steps). Warning: This is a LONG blog post, so make sure to have some coffee and snacks on hand.😛

Master the Art Form of Being Single

It’s okay to be picky.

For the last nine years, people have constantly asked me, “Why is a girl like you single?” My answer for about seven of those nine years was always, “I’m too busy for a guy. I don’t have time. I work, go to school, and take care of my mom, so I have no time.” Only after finding myself did I realize that I had been giving the wrong answer the whole time.

My decision to be single for nearly a decade is because I’m picky.

There. I said it. (Don’t get me wrong. I’m not being so picky to where I’m not looking. I still have my bait out there, I feel that I just haven’t caught the right fishie yet.)

You feel the same way too? Do you feel that if you met the right guy or girl, you would “MAKE time” for him or her no matter how busy you are?

At first, I thought having criteria was wrong, that I wasn’t being fair by not giving others a chance, but as time went on and guys walked in and out of my life, I began to learn who I was, what I wanted from life, and the different types of guys there are out there. With each experience, I became a bit pickier because I did not want to deal with guys who were not only unsure about their lives, but of themselves, their beliefs (in whatever it may be), and what they wanted out of life.

Being single has contributed to helping me learn about who I am and what I want in my future husband. Like I said in my previous notes in 2009, I’m happy to say that I am not one of those girls who tries hard by changing their morals, values, and beliefs just to have someone not break up with them or be with someone or to gain someone’s love/attention. That’s just not what I believe if one wants to find true happiness.

While you’re single, learn about yourself and who you are.

I will never forget the scene in the earlier years of Gossip Girl when Nate Archibald was talking to Blair Waldorf about who she was to him. His words had hit me so hard that I sat up and wrote it down: “You can’t fight who you are.”

I learned from God that He made me an all-around girl. Call me weird, but I notice the opposite on a lot of my shopping trips. As I look around stores and watch other girls shop, it reassures me that being an all-around girl is more than fine. By all-around girl, I mean that I’m not tied to being just a girlie girl, sporty girl, or a tomboy nor am I interested in only fashion, video games or sports. I am a huge mix and love to dabble in a little bit of everything!

While shopping, I was also glad to realize that I don’t have a particular style, only a signature style: color. (Trust me when I say I’m the one you would be able to spot on the busy streets of a metropolitan city, haha!) I’m not preppy, emo, feminine or anything. I’m Huong. I dress how I feel: casual, sporty, sophisticated, tasteful punk-rocker, woman in power suit (haha), whatever makes me feel confident for the day. As I continued to watch other shoppers, I began to really embrace the fact that it’s okay to have an interest in everything: video games, fashion, sports, museums, history, politics, science, religion, culture, writing, reading, art, traveling, etc., and not just clothes and makeup. I’m happy being different and feel great that I bring variety to my friendships and the world. I feel that being single for awhile has contributed to my all-around personality too and I’m happy to be a great mix!

While you’re single, learn who you want to be with.

I am so excited that God has taught me to be happy at the fact that I’m picky with guys. I trust God and His plans for me, so I have no problem being single doing my thing, contributing to His kingdom all while waiting for the one for me. On my journey, I have learned that I want a guy who’s a Christian, but not just any Christian, a God-fearing Christian who loves the Lord with ALL of his heart. I want someone who loves Him more than He would love me. I want someone who is funny, goofy, witty, passionate, contemplative, thoughtful, brave, has goals in life, and has his morals and values grounded. I want someone who is enthusiatic about life and learning. I want someone who won’t change their beliefs for anyone else and will stick to their guns believing that there is someone out there who will love/like them for who they are. Most of all, I want someone who trusts God so much to a point where being single is okay with him because he believes that the love of his life is out there and that it’s only a matter of time because God is doing the planning.

While you’re searching, have faith and don’t change who you are.

Being on the opposite side of the road from Blair, I am fighting for who I am and I will not change nor think about changing because I want someone who’s just like me: happy with who they are, picky, loves God, and is excited about life no matter what’s happening to them/going on around them.

I know God has, is, and will take great care of me. He will take awesome care of you too.

I know and believe in Him with all of my heart. That’s one of my proudest attributes. Is that an attribute you have or are working on?

I trust God with everything in my life. Including finding the love of my life. Do you wholeheartedly trust Him?

He knows who I’m looking for because I tell Him. He also knows who He wants for me because with each guy I come across, the next guy is better than the last. My Lord proves to me that He is working by weeding out all the ones who aren’t meant for me. Tell me, does He know your desires?

All you have to do on your end is put your requests in His to-do box, pray, continue to pray boldly, and have faith in Him. I firmly believe that the one God has planned for you exists. Until you find him or her, be happily single, go after your own dreams, and obey God’s commands all while waiting patiently. The thrilling part is KNOWING that s/he’s out there.😀

Yes, being single is hard because having patience is hard too, but we need to learn that it’s God’s watch and not ours. We have to see that no one else has His watch, that His is one-of-a-kind and most of all, that it’s not broken. When you trust in Him, you will end up saying or even thinking, “Yep, God knows best and when.” and smile about it.

In the meantime, learn about yourself, the world, and love others. Factor in what you want from life and people, learn from your experiences, and have patience. Being single won’t be so hard anymore because by then, you would’ve mastered an art, something that not a lot of people cannot do well.

Seek a God-loving Man/Woman

A few years ago, someone new came into my life wanting to date me, but he turned out to be someone who used to be a God-loving man. Knowing my Lord is the only One for me, I told him that we were not going there because I know with all my heart and soul that the person I want to be with is someone who loves the Lord more than me. Rachel, my best friend, once asked me why and I explained my reasons on why my guy should love God more than me: by loving God more, he proves to me how strong his faith is during the good and bad times, that no matter what happens, he will always trust God, lean on Him, and give Him all the glory/praise He deserves. I know that if he does that with the Lord, that our marriage will be strong and that his love for me will be the same, but of the earthly kind and that’s more than I could ever ask for.

Yes, there are times when being single can make you feel sad or like you aren’t good enough for someone, but when you realize that God has plans for you, the waiting process becomes easier. When you realize that God knows you are good enough, it becomes easier.

For me, I’m single because He has instilled in me to find a man who loves Him first. Going through every guy who has ever said that they cared about me, loved me, etc. has helped me to understand that I’m meeting them for a reason: to be one guy closer to the one of my dreams. I don’t care if I’m not married or engaged like everyone else my age seems to be because my time will come when God sees fit. I love the time I have for myself as I’m moving and shaking things up not only in my life, but in the lives of every person I encounter. I know that when God knows I’m ready and knows that my guy is ready is when I’ll meet a fun, goofy guy and that friendship will develop into something God wants me to have.

Some people look for characteristics such as intelligence, educated, adventurous, spontaneity, humor, etc. right off the bat. Not me. The guy I seek must pass the God-loving part first. When he loves God and knows Him, I’m sure he’ll have the rest of the characteristics I’m looking for and at that point, you can bet that I will not want to miss out the greatness God has given me.😀

However, before these two steps, I advise you to SEEK GOD FIRST AND LEARN OF HIS LOVE FOR YOU. Refuse to live without Him and know that you cannot do or have anything without Him.

Many people ask me, “What’s the secret, Huong? Why are you always so happy?”

If you haven’t noticed through my social media sites, I’m really content with the life God has given me. How I express myself on Twitter, Facebook, and this blog is how I truly feel. No hiding. No shame. I’m happy because I refuse to do anything without Him. I know I can’t do anything without Him by my side. By handing my entire life over, I have nothing to worry about. I have no burdens to carry because He’s carrying it all for me. He’s in total control of everything and I LOVE it!

Let me tell you, if you knew everything I have been through, you’d be wondering and asking me why I’m still smiling. In return, let me ask you this, what’s left during our trials and tribulations? What do you have during the difficult times that no one can take away from you? Your hope (that’s why Psalm 130:5 is my fav verse!) and faith. All I did was put every single one of my problems in God’s to-do box, stopped worrying about it and prayed over my problems. It’s that easy! And boy, is He answering! (Yesterday, He answered one of my prayers within six hours. This morning, He answered another one for me and that prayer was a last minute, dear-baby-Jesus-please-make-it-happen prayer, haha!)

If you are struggling with singledom, do the above. Seek Him first, give Him complete control, tell Him what/who you want while you seek a God-loving man/woman, pray about it, and have faith by not worrying about it! It’s so important to have faith.

For me, it’s great to have no worries because I know God will take care of me. Another way to get closer to finding the One is to meet with Him and seeing what He has to say. I love the feeling of being in His house, singing and signing (those who can’t hear need to know about Him too) about His word/love and hearing Poppy’s messages because I know God is using him to speak to me. Many times over, there have been messages that leave me with my jaw on the floor because it was something I prayed about that week or even that day that I didn’t talk to Poppy about personally!

I learned so much and had a lot of fun teaching our little ones for a few years, but since then, God has moved me in a different direction to listen and grow in His word instead. With that, I have been a part of our church’s choir for the last few years and have grown so much more and am now currently following His instructions for leading our church into a revival (more on this later)!

I can feel my faith and relationship with Him getting stronger by the day.:)

Can you say your relationship with Him is strong or getting stronger? Can you say that you are truly seeking a God-loving man/woman (by doing it His way)?

Just like you, I have days where I feel depressed because I don’t have anyone to share my life with too, but when I think about how God has worked in my life, I know that He’s listening, knows what/who is on my heart, and is constantly reminding me that the one He has plans for me to be with is out there somewhere. He’s telling me that He’s taking His time to mold each of us to be the best before we meet each other so that when we do finally meet, we can be stronger together than we were when we were alone. Can you imagine a strong, dynamic couple helping people, kicking butt, and adding names to the Book of Life in His name?! How humbling, honorable, and fun is that?!

And guess what? The best part is that He’s telling my future guy the same thing.:)

Thank you so much for reading and for your support!

Have a happy day! Xx

Jesus in Disguise: Jordan Kemper

Jordan Kemper

Photo Credit: Taken from Jordan’s Facebook page

Two nights ago, as I settled in bed, I decided to listen to this vimeo video I found on Jordan Kemper’s Facebook page. I thought, “Why not learn something while getting some rest? If I fall asleep, I’ll listen to it again in the morning.” I didn’t care that it was 1:00AM, that the video was close to an hour long, or the fact that my eyes might close at a crucial point in the conversation. God tugged at my heart and said to listen to what Jordan had to say, so what is a girl supposed to do? Obey her Lord! Duh.

I didn’t end up watching the back of my eyelids if that’s what you’re wondering, haha! Instead, I laid there, eyes wide open like a little child enamored with an interesting story grandma is telling. I listened to what Jordan had to say about doing business in the 21st century. He didn’t just focus on financial wealth, he talked about health and his thought process as he made a decision for himself after graduating college. However, what I found most important was when he spoke about personal growth (spending time in the Bible, waking up early to exercise, etc). I didn’t sleep until a little past 2:00AM because I was listening to some guy I have never met and let me tell you, there was a ton of things I didn’t know, so it/he was SO worth it!

Before I talk about why Jordan is today’s topic, let’s backtrack a bit on how I discovered him. Is it really a surprise that I found him through a hashtag (I can’t even remember what it was) on Instagram this past Monday? What intrigued me the most was that he had a smile on his face in every photo on his account and in almost every single picture, he was smiling with someone. I was like, “Wow, what a super happy guy!” and didn’t think too much about it…until God put him on my mind again on Tuesday morning. That’s when I decided to follow Jordan on Instagram and Twitter. One thing led to another and next thing you know, I’m reading about USANA, learned that he is the Founder of OneBody, and sent his links to my best friend (I’ve been worried about her health since day one of our friendship), and later, spent part of my evening going over her results from a test she had taken on Jordan’s webpage.

My life changed even more so two nights ago. After I listened to what he had to say and the answers he had to his listeners’ questions on the call, I shut off my phone and cried. A LOT. Without thinking about it, I immediately prayed for Jordan and asked God to watch over him, protect him, and bless him. I thanked my Savior and gave Him praise for Jordan’s existence and for somehow, finding a way to bring him into my life. I cried tears of happiness because of Jordan’s existence.

I’m SO thankful that God made Jordan and that He made him just right. In His image. I’m so thankful for people like him, for guys like him: Guys who aren’t afraid to stand up to others’ negative attitudes. Guys who can take rejections from the world by looking past them and using them as a motivation to change others and make that very much-needed difference we all need. Guys who stand up for God and are grounded so deep, not even an earthquake can pull them from their Jesus roots!

You see, I have prayed for so long for this particular person in my life because I thought he was the one. I thought he was the one because he had everything I was looking for: educated, has his head on straight, loves family, loves people, loves God, and ironically, like Jordan, was becoming a doctor to help people. He was funny too. But sometime along the way, after a four year friendship (which included online and meeting in person), he stopped talking to me. All types of communication stopped. I thought it was because he was so busy with medical school that he didn’t have time to talk to me anymore, so I continued to text him to let him know that I was still praying for him and his success and sent him funny texts and emails to bring some joy to his days. This summer marks two years since we last spoke to each other and it’s also the summer he’s due to graduate from medical school. What does God decide to do? He decides to tell me to listen to a random guy’s business webinar call at 1:00AM in the morning on a Monday!

I cried because I knew for a long time that my future husband had to love Jesus more than he would ever love me. I knew that he had to love people, help others, and had to put others before himself, but to ALWAYS put Jesus first before anything else, including family. So I prayed and prayed hard and boldly through my tears about my future husband. That’s when I heard God tell me to officially let go of this person because there is someone better out there that He has in mind for me and He used Jordan as proof. He was telling me that if this guy didn’t talk to me because He was that focused on medical school, he probably put Him on the backburner too and that is someone I wouldn’t want. He was telling me that the silence for these last two years is going to be worth it. He was telling me that the silence was for the very reason of molding me into the woman of God He wants be to become. He was telling me of His plans and He was revealing it all like I had asked Him to. God has proven to me that the exact kind of guy I’m looking for is out there and that there are more than I think. He proved that He had been listening to me this entire time. He proved that He knew what I had been praying about all these years and gave me Jordan as my “Godwink” to show me His plans and that is why Jordan Kemper is Jesus in Disguise.

Just like Jesus, he’s out there changing people’s lives one person at a time. He’s performing “miracles” and loving people like God loves each and every one of us. He’s there for others, listens, shows his love, and encourages, everything Jesus was, is, and is to come. Most of all, he’s out there telling people about Jesus and spreading His word. How great is that? (Did I mention that he’s stylish too? ;))

Although I cannot see my Lord and Savior, He showed me a wonderful man of God who just like everyone out there, was afraid of taking the first step. Someone who was unsure of what’s to come, but like His real children, leapt out in faith and forever changed his life and is on the journey to be the brightest light as this world becomes dimmer. Just like Jesus, Jordan is out there obeying God and Jesus is shining so bright from him that I’m not walking, but running towards the light like I never have before! Trust me, you can tell when someone has God in their heart.

Oh the many times I wished and prayed for my God to come down so I can walk with Him, talk with Him, cry on His shoulder or just get a big hug from Him! How blessed were Adam and Eve to be able to do that?! My God showed me in just a matter of days through ONE person that He is here with me, that He’s still performing miracles on Earth, that He loves and cares for me and others and that He’s alive and well!

My Jesus does walk this Earth and He came here to set me free not only from my sins, but to make me stand out even more so in this cookie cutter world. He has shown me Jordan so I can continue to set myself free.

However, Jordan isn’t the only one that God has put in my life for His plans. It’s also my other siblings in Christ like Jen Ramos, Kylie Bisutti and Sandi Krakowski (I’ll discuss these amazing ladies in some upcoming posts) who drive me to be the best I can be as He uses me for His plans. What an honor in itself to be used by God for His kingdom!

Thank you SO much for taking the time to read this long post, my friends. I hope you enjoyed “meeting” Jordan just as much as I have. Seriously count him as a blessing and in your own time, check out what he has to offer if you are dedicated to staying healthy. I’m sure he won’t bite.😉

Jordan, I don’t know how likely you are to read this, but if you are reading this, every single word is true. I do hope you come to Dallas someday so I can meet Jesus in disguise over coffee!😛

I pray for you all to have a wonderful day and a happy weekend and that you’re out there looking for Jesus in disguise.

Don’t forget to always smile because the world needs it! Xx

Happy Friday Eve my friends!
Look at these goregous flowers!


Taken by Rachel with her iPhone 4S


Taken by Rachel with her iPhone 4S


Taken by me with Rachel’s iPhone 4S


Taken by Rachel with her iPhone 4S


Taken by Rachel with her iPhone 4S


Taken by Rachel with her iPhone 4S

If you only knew how hard it was to be driving for the last several weeks spotting beautiful blue fields on the steep hills on the side of highways, you’d know how happy Rachel and I were to find this mini field of Bluebonnets this past weekend that we could easily access!

On another note, God has been speaking to me a lot lately which is why you see the lack of fashion-related posts recently. I love it when He speaks to me using people I’ve never met because it shows me that although I can’t physically see Him, He’s right there with me, talking to me and guiding me using other people’s lives. I’m so grateful for His signs and His promise!

Straw Fedora Hat (old; loving this straw Fedora hat)
J. Crew Fleece Nautical Colorblock Popover (on sale for $39.99 online, but I found it for $29.99 in-store with an additional 30% off!)
J. Crew Toothpick Jeans (on sale for $39.99 online, but I found it for $29.99 in-store with an additional 30% off!)
Express Brown Studded Sandals (old)
J. Crew Factory Blue Crossbody Bag (loving this mini bag)
J. Crew Pave Link Necklace (old; adoring this crystal cupcake necklace!)
Timex Watch (similar Timex watch)
Stella & Dot Renegade Bracelets
Xhilaration Cateye Sunglasses (old)

Thank you for reading!
Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to smile! Xx


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